10 best running app’s for beginners and seasoned runners


Let’s face it; not everyone is a natural-born runner. For some it takes effort, will, and desire. For me it just takes plain old work. But once I am in a running groove it seems I cannot stop. Does that make me a runner? Sure! Why not! But you won’t see me participating in any marathons any time soon. Point being just because you are not born ‘a natural runner’ doesn’t mean you can’t be a runner! There are some great apps out there for aspiring and existing runners. These apps come in many flavors and will keep you motivated and in check!

RunKeeper Pro:

One of the more familiar and popular apps out there is loaded with features. Not just an app that tracks running, but also caloric output, GPS tracking, speed monitoring, and activity history for any sport or activity. You can download a free more simplistic version of this app or purchase RunKeeper Pro for $9.99

Ghost Race:

Allows you to compete with yourself as your ‘Ghost’. You can track your time, distance, and routes and compare your daily progress. Ghost Race also has an audio function that updates you on your progress in real-time. The cost for this App is $0.99

Livestrong Calorie Tracker:

Is not a running specific app; however it provides you with the ability to track your running among other activities as well as your daily caloric intake via their Livestrong Calorie Tracker. You can set weight loss goals as well and get notified when you need that extra boost should you decide to take a day or two or three off from tracking. This app will run you $2.99

Get Running (C2K or Couch to 5k):

This app is probably the best app for beginners. You are able to set a specific training program over the course of a couple of months. In the end your goal will be to run for 30 minutes straight. You are prompted via audio during your runs on when to walk, run, as well as letting you know when you are half way done or when you have 1 minute left etc… This app will cost you $1.99


This cool app provides you with the location of road races in any city you search. It will provide you with the actual race route as well as invite other contacts to run with you. The cost for iRace is $0.99


Is a GPS-based tracking app used for cycling, walking, and you guessed running! Fitnio provides you with your distance, calories burn, and pace. It also records your workouts and provides you with a daily/weekly log. Fitnio is available for $1.99

Run Coach:

A great app for beginners as well as experienced runners. Runners are able to choose training regimens that range from 5k to a full on marathon. The training plans are personalized and allows you to log your progress as you go. The cost $0.99


Is a free app that provides GPS-based route tracking and activity logging.  You can also save your progress on the app’s website and share publicly. The cost is free!

Interval Run:

This app is a great way to add a little spice to your workouts. It mixes running with interval training.  The app provides for an audio voice telling you what to do for each work out. One day you may be running an 8k and then next a 5k via Couch to 5k. The cost is $1.99.


Is a timing app utilized for circuit training, sprints, runs etc… It provides some training plans allows you to input your desired timing schedule. The cost is $1.99

So there you have it! 10 of the best apps out there for novice and seasoned runners. So get those running shoes on and hit the pavement (or treadmill-no excuses!).

Yesenia Whipple

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