6 Items Your Gym Bag Can’t Live Without.

You’re on your way to the gym and realize you forgot ____; you get there and realize you also left _____. Sound familiar? Aside from the must haves like your playlist, headphones, shoes, and motivation to get that heart pumping; here are 6 things you should stock your gym bag with. They will get you… Continue reading 6 Items Your Gym Bag Can’t Live Without.


Dry Bars! The new craze!

Image courtesy of: Refinery29 It’s the new craze! Blow Dry bars are popping up all over the place with celebrities jumping on board and opening up their own dry bars. I had to find out what these blow dry bars were all about. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of options available on the each… Continue reading Dry Bars! The new craze!


Tequila Lime Sea Scallops, Brown rice, and and Bok Choy cooked in a ginger Soy Sauce

My husband and I love to spend time in the kitchen together. We often pour each other a glass of wine, play our favorite cooking playlists, and then the reality of having an 11 month old brings us back to our current existence. These days we don’t have a lot of time to create a… Continue reading Tequila Lime Sea Scallops, Brown rice, and and Bok Choy cooked in a ginger Soy Sauce


The Hudson Blend of Goodness

The Hudson Blend of Goodness   I am delighted to share with you a scrumptious recipe today generously shared by my friend Jamie. I have named this dish The Hudson Blend of Goodness. Healthy, clean, and delicious! The best part of all is this dish is inexpensive, takes just minutes to whip up. Oh and I… Continue reading The Hudson Blend of Goodness


Get it Straight!

How do you get gorgeous celebrity smooth hair, without breaking the bank?! There are many products out there dedicated to smoothing out curls and defrizzing your locks. There are treatments you can get such as Brazilian or Keratin treatments; both carrying a hefty price tag. Having naturally curly hair I have tried what feels like… Continue reading Get it Straight!