Dry Bars! The new craze!

beauty-hair-trends-blow-dry-salons-los-angeles-siteImage courtesy of: Refinery29

It’s the new craze! Blow Dry bars are popping up all over the place with celebrities jumping on board and opening up their own dry bars. I had to find out what these blow dry bars were all about. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of options available on the each menu. You can choose to learn technique (how convenient!) at some dry bars; or you can choose a fabulous blow dry AND style; from braids, ponytails, loose buns, beach waves, the options are limitless.

Recent blow dry bars have started opening up outside of gyms. Genius! Obviously you are not going to shell out to get your hair blown every time you go to the gym, but having the option if you are going out with the girls, on a date, or just need a pick me up is pretty amaze!

Pricing is not outrageous, ranging on average at $40 and up with some dipping down to $35. Like mentioned previously, not an everyday luxury unless you have the funds to indulge daily to which I say get your glam on!

-Yesenia Whipple



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