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Don’t Give Up – Get your sweat on!

a motivation for you 22 Need a little motivation (30 photos)


P90X3 Warrior. This is the best 30 minute total body and core cardio workout.

Coming off a holiday weekend can be down right exhausting! Who wants to give up the sweet indulgences and get back on the healthy train. Well I do actually! It was so hard pushing play this morning. All I wanted after a weekend at home with family and kids running around was to pour myself another cup of coffee and enjoy a moment of silence on the couch while my toddler was at school and my 6 month old napped. But then I snapped myself into check got my butt into workout clothes and I did it. I pushed play on that DVD and worked my little tush off. I’m so glad I did! I am ready for a new week!

So what was on my workout agenda. P90X3 Warrior. Truly one of my favorite total body cardio workouts. You work hard, sweat lots, and feel so great when you finish. What’s not to love?!

Yesenia Whipple



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