21 Day Fix – 21 Days to transform your health and fitness


I just returned from vacation and as you can imagine I indulged and enjoyed every second. When I got back I wanted to get my health and fitness back on track; so I decided to give  21 Day Fix a try. I have several friends who in just 21 days have lost a ton of weight and feel and look amazing! I started the 21 Day Fix Beach Body program just 2 days ago and I have to tell you it is by far my favorite Beach Body program I have done.

Now I know I am only 2 days in so why do I love it so much after just 2 days? I’m a gal who loves structure and creativity. This program provides both structure with your workout schedule and creativity with what you can eat. You get a variety of different 30 minute workouts so you do not get bored and they are amazing. I am a fairly fit person and after 2 days of these workouts I am SORE!!!! With regards to nutrition. You have to follow the plan to get maximum results. The great news is that the sky is the limit with what to prepare for yourself. There are recipes for seasonings and dressings (that double as marinades) that are delicious and flavorful. Truly amazing and I can see why so many people love this program and have been so successful. Bonus: for anyone looking for this program in spanish it’s on sale this month!

I will keep you posted as I continue the 21 Day Fix! If you have any questions let me know! If you want to check out more information on it click here: 21 Day Fix and click shop for details on this fitness program.

-Yesenia Whipple

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