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How skipping meals can be damaging to your health and fitness

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Skipping meals might sound like a good idea if you are looking to lose weight but the effects can be quite damaging to your health and overall fitness goals. Maintaining a regular eating schedule whether it be small meals throughout the day or several bigger meals is the best way to achieve long term results and in the end will help you to a healthy lifestyle.

So how does skipping meals effect your well-being? Here are a few negative consequences to consider.

A drop in Energy.

When you maintain regular eating habits you will in turn maintain consistent levels of energy throughout the day. When you have a drop in energy and blood sugar levels it becomes very hard to focus, and this can create a moody, cranky state of mind. It can also derail your plans to workout as you will be tired and have little energy to fuel your body through an effective workout. You may also find that you become fatigued and shaky leaving you feeling sluggish.

Low Blood Sugar.

 “Your brain’s supply of glucose becomes compromised within four to six hours of your last meal or snack” according to Evelyn Tribole, author of “Eating on the Run”. This can leave you moody and just plain out of it when skipping meals. The effects of low blood sugar included loss of memory, focus, and can affect your performance both mentally and physically.

Skipping meals to binge eat later.

You may think you will be able to control your impulse to eat healthy knowing or thinking you can eat ‘more’; however, the chances that you will be quick to grab the first unhealthy option and over eat said option is extremely high. If you are short on time and cannot get to a full meal, grab a shakeology shake or a healthy snack.


I hope you can take away the importance of eating regularly throughout the day and how this is so beneficial to your health and fitness goals. You want to look to a healthier long term change in lifestyle. If you have any questions on nutrition and fitness please feel free to reach out to me.

-Yesenia Whipple

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