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My Favorite Fitbit Flex Accessory finds


I am a Fitbit fanatic for so many reasons. I could write an entire post on why I love Fitbit, how it has helped me, and how to use it effectively syncing it with apps like Myfitness Pal. However this post is about finding the best accessories FOR my fitbit! 🙂 The standard band is not horrific and can be found at many retail outlets and online retailers, however, there is not too much that is chic, elegant, or dressy with regards to the standard flex bands. For us ladies who want to wear our flex bands all the time (after all isn’t that the point?) here are some band accessories that allow you to wear your fitbit flex when you are out on the town or just a gal who likes to dress it up on the norm.


Tory Burch has come out with Fitbit flex accessories as of recently. I love the design and the option to go casual or super chic. However, the price is eeeeek. ouch! These accessories start reasonably at $38 but will run you upwards of $195.


FUNKtionalWearables offers very cute chunky style fitbit flex bands. These average at $36.99.


MantovaniDesigns I cannot get enough of this pendant fitbit flex accessory. In love! for those of you looking for a necklace option and under $45 this is perfect! They also offer a more bohemian style band (pictured below) with detailed beading which is also just gorgeous.


There are many options out there to accessorize your flex. I had no idea until I actually started researching more affordable options that were not so sporty looking. What do you prefer? Sporty, Chic, or both depending on your mood?

-Yesenia Whipple

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Summer Bodies Earned Through Winter

summer bodies earned in winter

Well I just love this to pieces. I used to live in the coldest place on earth. O.k. well I’m clearly exaggerating. New Hampshire is cold but it’s no Alaska. Anyhow, I always remember the fall bringing in that fabulous crisp cool air. The smell of all things fall, bonfires and fireplaces, apple cider, apple pie, any kind of pie really (I LOVE pie), pumpkins, etc… Fall also meant bringing out the comfy sweaters, boots, and scarves; and then came the holidays. I didn’t stand a chance in hell not bringing out the larger pair of skinnies for the remainder of the winter. o.k. I won’t lie sometimes those got a little snug too. It was cold up there; I needed that extra bowl of lobster bisque what can I say!

When I entered the month of panic. See we typically planned a yearly trip to Florida between February and March. I was clearly aware of this yearly trip throughout the fall and holidays but I still waited until that month or 2 weeks prior to our yearly trip to think about getting myself back in shape. Let’s just say I never felt comfortable in that bikini during our Florida trips. I felt self conscious and we were on vacation so trying to “eat” healthy or be conscious of working out was like torture during vacation. I say this and share this story for obvious reasons. If I would have indulged in moderation and continued a good workout routine I would never have had to ‘binge diet and exercise’ starting January 1.

It’s not until I actually moved to Florida that I made my fitness and health a lifestyle not a ‘season’ during the year. It’s when I did this that my body transformed and I became a fit person year round. Granted I was very pregnant for 1/2 of last year; but I was able to bounce back by keeping that lifestyle throughout the pregnancy, fall, winter, etc… I’m not saying you can’t enjoy life, live, have a slice of pie for goodness sakes. Just be conscious of what you are consistently putting in your body and what you are consistently doing to get exercise in.

For those of you living in the arctic cold that is anywhere North of Georgia I encourage you to get out there and stay fit. Join an indoor cycling class, go snow shoeing, or if you really don’t want to brave the cold and are like me and looking for a quick 30 minute workout to do at home well I can recommend a few programs for you 🙂 hint hint they changed my body, health, and life! hint hint – 21 day fix and PiYo

What are your go to fitness programs during the winter?

-Yesenia Whipple

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Get Lean For Halloween

halloween challenge group

Hi friends! I am partnering up with a friend of mine and we are going to be running a Fitness Challenge group on Facebook called ‘Get Lean For Halloween’. I’m super excited about it. We want to provide motivation, recipes, workout tips, and help people with change in lifestyle, emotional eating, etc…

Connect with me on Facebook if you would like more information on joining in on the fun. Our goal is to get a good start on healthy habits and fitness routines before the holiday season. We will also be providing some great holiday recipes with a healthy twist to them.

For more details connect with me on Facebook at you can private message or comment below as well.

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook as well via the above link!

-Yesenia Whipple


When life throws you a lemon…


 When life throws you a lemon and you want to wring it out, stomp on it, and throw it at the first rabid dog that appears in front of you (not that you hang out near rabid dogs or anything). Lemonade what? Yeah yesterday was one of those days. It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows but at least I get to escape for just a few minutes and write. Sometimes life throws you a lemon and you really just do not want to make lemonade you want to wallow in the sourness that was your day; but really what is that doing for you and everyone else around you. It’s making you more miserable and everyone around you is likely miserable. Angry, hurt people project anger and hurt onto others. Happy, blessed people project happiness and bless others. So even if it’s a bad day try to encourage at least one person. Just think if everyone had that mentality you would find yourself encouraged by someone following that same advice. So I had a crap day (as you can clearly guess) but I have hopefully encouraged or at least made one person smile today.

Today is a new day; a better day to look towards. How was your day? What one thing happened yesterday that wasn’t a complete fail or disaster? Me, well I was able to get my 9 month old’s fever down to normal temperature and the biggest hug from my 2 year old with an I love you. I got to have a princess coloring marathon complete with a sticker makeover with my 2 year old as well. Now that I am thinking back I am realizing I had a lot of awesome moments; not just tear jerking pull my hair out moments.. How can I continue to be down and out after that right? 🙂

-Yesenia Whipple

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Commitment will make or break your success

commitmentI have been asked many many a time for advice, help, support, when it comes to fitness and health. It’s what I do, what I love, and I thrive on helping others succeed with their fitness and health goals. One thing that always makes or a breaks someone’s success is their commitment. See there really cannot be any excuses before or during your journey to a healthier person. You either commit or you don’t. There is no in between. This can be applied to all facets of life whether it be business, family, religion, etc…You choose or you choose not to. If you have excuses or if you think you will fail than you have already chosen not to and you never give yourself that chance to break the cycle and succeed.

So choose to commit to whatever it is that is put in front of you; if it is something you really want. Take it one day at a time and remember every little accomplishment leads to success.

Happy Sunday! 🙂

-Yesenia Whipple


5 tricks to transform your body and avoid plateaus


Do you ever leave the gym and think ‘I just worked my rear off; I better have a six pack tomorrow’ and then wake up the next day feeling bloated, flabby, and disheartened? You say to yourself ‘I have run a total of 10 miles this week; why am I not seeing results?’ There are a few reasons you likely are not seeing the results you want.

1. Have you heard the saying your diet makes up 80% of your overall fitness and health? Well it is true. If you are working out 500 hours a day but not eating the right foods and the right portions you are going to feel bloated, be bloated, gain or stay at the same weight, etc… You first need to calculate your daily caloric intake needed in order to lose the weight or maintain the weight you want. A great free app for this is My Fitness Pal. Then you have to fuel your body with the right foods to keep your cravings at bay. If you are eating the right foods  you will not likely binge on the bad stuff b/c your body will feel fulfilled and fueled. You will feel GOOD. Make sure to eat lean meats, fish, proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies. If you have some wine at night keep your starch intake lighter that day. If you need help with this let me know I can help come up with a plan that will fit your lifestyle and caloric needs.

2. Strength training is critical. You need to pump that iron. Muscle burns fat and muscle via weight training is what will transform your body. Keep cardio to 3 times/week and get those strength training sessions in. If you have problem areas focus on building muscle in those areas. I’m telling you this will make all the difference. You will transform your body by adding weights to your routine.

3. Muscle confusion goes hand in hand with strength training. If you only focus on one muscle group every time you strength train you will not see the results you want. Mix it up and you will actually burn more calories and see faster results.

4. Rest days to most people are torture. You want to get a good workout in. Get those calories burning. But your body NEEDS to rest. If you cannot just take that day off then do yoga or mild Pilates. Your muscles need to rest and recharge. If you overwork them you are prone to injury and you will likely plateau sooner than expected.

5. Mix up your routine. Just like muscle confusion you will need to at some point switch up your routine in order to avoid or get over a plateau. Plateaus do happen so to prolong getting to one OR to get over a plateau you just need to make adjustments to your workout schedule and find some new exercises to work your muscle groups. Even switching up your cardio or adjusting the foods you are eating can get you through these times. Don’t get discouraged; it happens to everyone whether a novice athlete or a beginner to the fitness world.

Transformations don’t happen overnight. But if I told you there was a way you could lose up to 18lbs in 21 days would you be in? That is just 3 weeks and it incorporates everything listed above. A plan you can follow where everything from portions, lists of foods, and workouts are provided for you. It is like having your own personal trainer spelling everything out for you. I have not had one person on this program not get results. Did I mention you can have wine and chocolate on this 21 day journey? So what’s holding you back? What do you have to lose except some pesky lbs. and self doubt. You got this; so let’s do it! I’m just a comment or click away. 


Image credits: Mashable

-Yesenia Whipple


Happiness is…

Happiness is

‘Realise that it all comes back to happiness. Do what makes you happy.’ – Antoniette Gomez

I am currently on a self discovery journey. I didn’t know this until about 3 weeks ago? I think I have been on this journey for a while and just realized it one day. One afternoon I was thinking about the last couple of months, my actions, intentions, outlook, and I discovered my mindset had shifted tremendously. I was feeling lost and having what I believe was an identity crisis after realizing I had left a lucrative career to start a family and now 2 kids and 3 years later I didn’t know who I was anymore, I had changed but didn’t know who I had changed into it. I was introduced to an amazing company that literally has changed my life physically and mentally. That is when I started seeing a shift in my outlook on everything. I was excited about life, about the future, about my contribution outside of poopy diapers, laundry, and keeping the kids alive long enough to hand them over when my awesome and patient husband came home from work every day 🙂

“Realise that it all comes back to happiness. Do what makes you happy.” – Antoniette Gomez

I saw this quote and thought WOW … I am doing what makes me happy right now and it has absolutely changed everything. I find the happier and more positive I am outwardly the more I end up feeling that same happiness and positivity within myself. I am a happier me.

I encourage anyone to find what it is that makes them happy, do it, and share it with everyone you know. Don’t wait; life is too short!

-Yesenia Whipple

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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

A Tastier Life - Be your own kind of beautiful

I came across this little gem today and had an Aha moment. See we sometimes think beautiful can be defined by one or two things when in reality beautiful is a state of being and feeling when it is thought about by ones’ self. Sure you may think a certain piece of clothing, bag, fitness model, is beautiful; but what makes YOU FEEL beautiful can be completely separate from what you externally view as beautiful. You may feel beautiful in a fantastic  black dress, a gorgeous pair of shoes, a certain hairstyle, etc… you get my drift right? So my Aha moment was we often times strive for what we think others view as beautiful instead of being content with our own beauty, quirks, style. We likely have people who view us as beautiful for things we don’t even realize. The ever turning wheel right?! So for the next week my challenge is finding something every single day that makes me feel beautiful.

So let’s start with today. Today I felt beautiful AFTER my sweet husband told me I looked beautiful. I looked in the mirror and said wow I guess I do feel beautiful today. I got to do my hair and make up which is often times not a possibility when you stay home with a toddler and a baby 🙂 and I wore clothes other than workout attire. What made you feel beautiful today?

-Yesenia Whipple


Fall Fashion Week 2014 – Obsessions

NY Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion week as been filled with some amazing fashion. This has by far been my favorite year following some of my favorite designers. I can’t afford any of it of course 🙂 But it’s still fun to look, admire, and look for affordable versions of the latest hottest fashion trends. Favorite collections so far are Pamella Roland and Badgley Mischka.

Here are a few looks I am obsessing over. I apologize in advance for the lack of photography quality. I snapped these while having a moment watching the shows on my laptop. I know I know how dare I not be invited front row, right? Maybe one day! 🙂

Pamella Roland moment right here! The way this flowed, the detail in the fabric, the plunging neck line, the colors, I mean just perfection!

Pamella R

My favorite collection this year by far was Badgley Mischka. I had so many moments I had found myself squealing with mouth open. Thank God my husband was not home. Here are the moments had with Badgley Mischka:

B.M. sheer

B.M. plunge

B.M. collection blue

B.M. collection

The pictures just do not do these justice. Now to be able to acquire, find somewhere to wear these, and look as good as the models looked in them…you always need goals right?!

What were your favorite collections this year?

-Yesenia Whipple