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My Favorite Fitbit Flex Accessory finds

I am a Fitbit fanatic for so many reasons. I could write an entire post on why I love Fitbit, how it has helped me, and how to use it effectively syncing it with apps like Myfitness Pal. However this post is about finding the best accessories FOR my fitbit! 🙂 The standard band is… Continue reading My Favorite Fitbit Flex Accessory finds

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Summer Bodies Earned Through Winter

Well I just love this to pieces. I used to live in the coldest place on earth. O.k. well I’m clearly exaggerating. New Hampshire is cold but it’s no Alaska. Anyhow, I always remember the fall bringing in that fabulous crisp cool air. The smell of all things fall, bonfires and fireplaces, apple cider, apple… Continue reading Summer Bodies Earned Through Winter

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Get Lean For Halloween

Hi friends! I am partnering up with a friend of mine and we are going to be running a Fitness Challenge group on Facebook called ‘Get Lean For Halloween’. I’m super excited about it. We want to provide motivation, recipes, workout tips, and help people with change in lifestyle, emotional eating, etc… Connect with me… Continue reading Get Lean For Halloween


When life throws you a lemon…

 When life throws you a lemon and you want to wring it out, stomp on it, and throw it at the first rabid dog that appears in front of you (not that you hang out near rabid dogs or anything). Lemonade what? Yeah yesterday was one of those days. It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows… Continue reading When life throws you a lemon…

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Commitment will make or break your success

I have been asked many many a time for advice, help, support, when it comes to fitness and health. It’s what I do, what I love, and I thrive on helping others succeed with their fitness and health goals. One thing that always makes or a breaks someone’s success is their commitment. See there really… Continue reading Commitment will make or break your success


5 tricks to transform your body and avoid plateaus

Do you ever leave the gym and think ‘I just worked my rear off; I better have a six pack tomorrow’ and then wake up the next day feeling bloated, flabby, and disheartened? You say to yourself ‘I have run a total of 10 miles this week; why am I not seeing results?’ There are… Continue reading 5 tricks to transform your body and avoid plateaus


Happiness is…

‘Realise that it all comes back to happiness. Do what makes you happy.’ – Antoniette Gomez I am currently on a self discovery journey. I didn’t know this until about 3 weeks ago? I think I have been on this journey for a while and just realized it one day. One afternoon I was thinking… Continue reading Happiness is…