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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

A Tastier Life - Be your own kind of beautiful

I came across this little gem today and had an Aha moment. See we sometimes think beautiful can be defined by one or two things when in reality beautiful is a state of being and feeling when it is thought about by ones’ self. Sure you may think a certain piece of clothing, bag, fitness model, is beautiful; but what makes YOU FEEL beautiful can be completely separate from what you externally view as beautiful. You may feel beautiful in a fantastic  black dress, a gorgeous pair of shoes, a certain hairstyle, etc… you get my drift right? So my Aha moment was we often times strive for what we think others view as beautiful instead of being content with our own beauty, quirks, style. We likely have people who view us as beautiful for things we don’t even realize. The ever turning wheel right?! So for the next week my challenge is finding something every single day that makes me feel beautiful.

So let’s start with today. Today I felt beautiful AFTER my sweet husband told me I looked beautiful. I looked in the mirror and said wow I guess I do feel beautiful today. I got to do my hair and make up which is often times not a possibility when you stay home with a toddler and a baby 🙂 and I wore clothes other than workout attire. What made you feel beautiful today?

-Yesenia Whipple

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