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Cuff – Smart Jewelry

  I recently wrote about the Fitbit accessories and all the different fabulous options to dress up your Fitbit Activity Tracker…And then I found out about Cuff-Smart Jewelry. Oh-muh-word all you chic fitness fashionistas you are going to be so in love with this product! There are different pieces you can choose from with the… Continue reading Cuff – Smart Jewelry


9 Guiltless Clean Desserts

Check out these 9 clean desserts posted by Oxygen Magazine. They look amazing! For the recipes you can click here: Oxygen Magazine 9 Clean Desserts or the link provided below each image. Mini Chocolate Souffles Mocha Banana “Ice Cream” Mocha Pudding Brown Rice Pudding Ginger Apple Crisp Sinfully Clean Chocolate Brownie Clean Apple Pie with Gluten-Free Crust… Continue reading 9 Guiltless Clean Desserts


My favorite looks this Fall 2014

I spend most of my days in workout clothes. I am a mom, a fitness enthusiast, and i now live in Florida. One thing I miss about the Fall weather is comfy sweaters, leggings, boots, and crisp air that compliments those looks. Here are some of my favorite Fall looks for 2014. I love plum… Continue reading My favorite looks this Fall 2014


Where to? Hawaii, Italy, Napa Valley, or Spain?

My husband and I took a mini road trip this past weekend. On our trip we made a list of both individual goals and ‘together/family’ goals. One of our long-term goals (within 5 years) is to take a big trip. So I need your help! Our Top contenders are: Image credit: Hawaii – We have… Continue reading Where to? Hawaii, Italy, Napa Valley, or Spain?


Be Present

Image courtesy of: How often I catch myself; actually I don’t even catch myself, I just find myself uttering in my mind our out loud words like ‘well back when’ or ‘in a few years’, ‘soon’, ‘maybe one day’, ‘hopefully I can someday’, ‘I can’t wait for this to happen’… Some people live in the… Continue reading Be Present

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If I Knew I Could Not Fail I would…

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? This is such a loaded question right? I mean if you knew you could not fail because you were guaranteed success, If you knew you could not fail because your life or a loved one’s life depended on it, If you know… Continue reading If I Knew I Could Not Fail I would…