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Northern Italian Night-In

Creamy Pesto and shrimp

My husband traveled to Italy many years ago (before he met me actually). He traveled up and down the coast and the thing he talks most about as I’m sure everyone who travels to Italy also raves about is the food! I’m not going to lie I’m jealous we were not together when he took that amazing trip. What he always says is the food in Northern Italy was vastly different from the food in Southern Italy.

So we have decided to start cooking a Northern Italian dish once every week and eventually maybe we will start trying Southern Italian cuisine. I am really excited about this new adventure! Every week we will cook new recipes and eventually put a healthy twist on them. But first we need to make the real deal in order to try to replicate the authenticity of each dish and flavor.

I have been searching for recipes online and think we might need to get a book (A good authentic Northern Italian cookbook. Any suggestions?) Here are some of the dishes I am thinking about starting with.

Bistecca Fiorentina (steak Florentine) served with Panzanella

Cucina Italiana all'italiana Panzanella

Ossobuco with Risotto alls millines (or Risotto with saffron)

Ossobuco with Risotto alls millines

Fettuccini with Bolognese sauce, known in Italian as ragù alla bolognese

Fettuccine al ragu

Creamy Pesto Shrimp

Creamy Pesto and shrimp

Sooo where to begin! Do you all have any Northern Italian favorites you want to share?

Image credits to: All Recipes, Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Golden Days In Italy, Wikipedia

_Yesenia Whipple

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