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How to make those Abs pop

Abs, everyone wants them, everyone has them; so how can we get them to appear? While exercise is important,  your diet is even more crucial on your journey to rock hard abs. For exercise focus on strengthening your core muscles. In addition, mix in workouts targeting all abdominal muscles not just upper or lower. Now keep… Continue reading How to make those Abs pop


When you find your passion; share it!

I was recently asked to write a Healthy Living Series for a really cool blog out of New York City, The City and Us. As you know I love health and fitness so being able to expand my audience and share my passion was an amazing honor for me. You can check out my guest spot here The City… Continue reading When you find your passion; share it!

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Losing Sight of Comfort Zone

Image credit: Night Humor Do you often wonder the difference between the doers vs. the dreamers, the go getters vs. the I wish I had’s? I believe one of the biggest thing that sets these groups apart is their ability to get outside of their comfort zones to achieve what many feel is the unreachable.… Continue reading Losing Sight of Comfort Zone

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Work Hard, Hustle, Stay Humble

Work hard-in every aspect of life, motherhood, health, wifehood, career… Hustle-when you want to throw in the towel hustle harder.Remember your vision. Stay Humble-no matter your successes stay humble and true to the self who got you to where you are and to those who will help you get to where you are going. -Yesenia… Continue reading Work Hard, Hustle, Stay Humble


Taking Body Measurements Is Important because…

Measurements. Schedule a time every week, maybe set an alarm if you need to at first. Staying on top of this little habit while shifting into a new healthy fit lifestyle is important. Whether you are trying lose weight, gain weight, or tone it is such a vital piece on your road to health and… Continue reading Taking Body Measurements Is Important because…


Clean Eating Magazine Wins Over My Heart

I recently came across a great resource when searching for clean recipes I can incorporate into my diet. I am always looking for new ways to spice up weekly dinners while maintaining healthy choices for myself and my family. Clean Eating Magazine not only has budget friendly meal ideas, easy and quick recipes, but it… Continue reading Clean Eating Magazine Wins Over My Heart


A New Year A New You

So yes the holidays are coming. I think it is a great time to start making healthy decisions and changes and staying on track before losing control over the holidays. HOWEVER, I know for some this is just not possible. But rest easy. Instead of thinking the impossible; realize you have 2 entire months to… Continue reading A New Year A New You