Most wonderful time or craziest time of the year?

How about both?! I love Christmas. I love the festive music, decorations, excitement leading up to Christmas eve and day, and the chaos of family and kids running around the house. If you are like me and work from home then you understand this time of year can also become extremely hectic and if not… Continue reading Most wonderful time or craziest time of the year?


Fun in the kitchen

  Had a little fun this afternoon experimenting. Balsamic, coconut oil, garlic, green beans, almonds, and tomatoes. For a snack or side dish- I recommend either taking the tomatoes away or keeping the tomatoes and adding a little low fat cheese. For a main meal- I suggest adding some diced chicken and/or some whole grain… Continue reading Fun in the kitchen


Finding your inner fruity

Unless we talk my obsession with bananas and grapes to say I love fruit? Not so much. I like fruit, but again not my go to. So I am always looking for creative ways to incorporate fruit into a balanced diet. Here are a few ideas to inspire the inner fruity inside us all. Fruit… Continue reading Finding your inner fruity

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Turkey Day was fun and all but….

Oh Thanksgiving. You came, I ate, I smiled in between bites of apple pie, then you left me feeling…. bloated; and yet I anticipate your return next year with open arms. Until then I shall get back to my healthy lifestyle and shed any evidence of your yearly visit. Isn’t it so easy to just… Continue reading Turkey Day was fun and all but….