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Turkey Day was fun and all but….


Oh Thanksgiving. You came, I ate, I smiled in between bites of apple pie, then you left me feeling…. bloated; and yet I anticipate your return next year with open arms. Until then I shall get back to my healthy lifestyle and shed any evidence of your yearly visit.


Isn’t it so easy to just let yourself go even just a little bit when the holidays arrive? I wish I was like those uber awesome people who just have the best will power and don’t derail AT ALL during the holidays. But then I wouldn’t get to eat that extra piece of apple pie! Yikes! o.k. so honestly I am disciplined and my everyday lifestyle is one of health and fitness and that is why it’s o.k. to over indulge a little bit during the holidays. Why? Because that is not the norm, it’s just what it’s called an indulgence which doesn’t happen all the time.

Bouncing back can be hard. That is where the discipline comes in. Getting back on track and ridding your pantry and fridge of any and all leftovers that may continue to derail you is key. Some people can do this just fine and others require a couple of days to slowly get back to their routine. Whatever works for you do it! For me personally it takes about 24-48 hours. I go through cravings, I think of all the unhealthy food I ate and would love just a little taste of (mostly sweets since I am a big sweets girl). It is literally detox. I still eat what I should in calories but I may allow myself one treat in those 24-48 hours. Otherwise, I could find myself in the closet with a bag of kitkats. O.k. that is a complete exaggeration but you get what I am saying. Meal prepping is so valuable during this time. Having healthy foods ready and at your disposal can make or break you at this point.

When it comes to working out post holidays I find 2 things work best for me. Doing something completely outside my usual workout routine. Like a major run. I hate running. So why would i go for a run? When I do a workout I really don’t like knowing it is not going to be done every day it gives me a push, a sense of accomplishment, and I just feel great afterwards. The other way I get back to my workout routine is really being prepared and organized. Setting up a program that I can follow everyday so I am accountable each day for the workout I planned. Luckily being a beach body coach I have a few programs with calendars that do the planning for me. I pick the program and prepare mentally for whats to come. This usually gets me excited to start!

The last thing I want to touch on is taking it day by day. Small steps will get you overall success. What are some tips you can share with us on getting back on the healthy train?

-Yesenia Whipple

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