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Finding My Inner Peace

My ‘journey’ has been evolving over the last year. I started with wanting to physically get in the best shape of my life. I achieved that with hard work and dedication. Challenge groups were key to my success. This year my goal is to work on my inner self. Finding peace, happiness, letting go of… Continue reading Finding My Inner Peace


The Versatile Boyfriend Jean

Who says the ‘Boyfriend Jean’ phenom’ is not for everyone? Think again! Here are some looks you can incorporate the ‘Boyfriend Jean’ into. Casual Friday Boyfriend  Preggo Boyfriend   Sporty Boyfriend Night on the town Boyfriend Bohemian Boyfriend Chic Boyfriend Preppy Boyfriend Lunch with the in-laws Boyfriend I could go on really. What are your… Continue reading The Versatile Boyfriend Jean


3 Avocado Clean Eat Recipes

Avocados not only taste good but they are packed with almost 20 essential nutrients. They are nutrient dense and enable the body to absorb fat-soluble nutrients. Here are avocado inspired recipes you can incorporate into any breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, and/or dessert. Avocado Tomato On Whole Grain Toast Chicken Avocado Burger Ingredients 1 pound ground… Continue reading 3 Avocado Clean Eat Recipes


It’s your story to share

Life stories are a combination of many different journeys and snapshots in time. Each of these mini stories can be vastly different or in some way connected to one another; however in the end they make up one’s entire ‘life story’. You don’t have to wait for your life story to be complete to share it… Continue reading It’s your story to share