The Thursday Seven – Seven ways to… Sculpt and Tone Those Butt and Thighs

Good morning! I’m excited to introduce a new series to all my readers. The Thursday Seven will highlight 7 ways to…

cover for thighs butt post

This weeks topic is butt and thighs! I highlighted seven exercises that can be done virtually anywhere with or without weights. Gone are the days where sexy was skinny stick like legs. Muscle and tone are in so here are seven of my go to sculpting workouts.

weighted squats

1. Weighted Squats with weights, kettle balls, or whatever adds some resistance. This exercise will work your glutes and thighs. Try varying your squats between regular squats (legs hip distance apart), sumo (wide stance), and even small pulsating reps sprinkled in between or during sets.

single leg bridge

2. Single Leg Bridge – this seemingly easy exercise is actually a killer on the hamstrings and butt. If your form is on point you will be struggling to get through the last few reps. Try increasing resistance by adding ankle weights.


3. Plank Jacks – will not only target those inner thighs, but it will also engage your arms, chest, core, and gluten. Add a resistance band around the middle of your thighs for a more challenging sequence.

Beautiful Caucasian woman in blue Capri and top doing ten steps of surya namaskar, sun salutation Exercises at white background with the sun in the center. Step by step

4. Sun Salutations – I included Sun Salutations because this sequence works you literally from the inside out. You will gain mental, digestive, relaxation, and physical benefits from this sequence. Physically  you will be working on toning and flexibility for virtually your entire body.

kickback donkey

5. Glute kickbacks – weighted or not kickbacks will define and build those hamstring and glute muscles. During the entire – lift your leg so you’re your thigh is parallel to the floor and your lower leg (below the knee) is pointing straight up. Pause at the top of each lift for 2 seconds. Be sure to focus on just using your glutes through the whole range of motion.

side lunge

6. Side Lunges are probably my least favorite because like many I struggle with hip flexor flexibility and movement. It just feels awkward, but this is such an effective exercise. Targeted muscles are Quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, and Adductors/Hip Flexors. This is one exercise you don’t feel as much while you are performing it, however, tomorrow you will be SORE!

wall sits

7. Wall Sits work virtually every lower body muscle from your hips to your calf muscles. Such an amazing exercise that can be versatile by adding weights, leg lifts, and even incorporating some bicep curls in there while you sit and work.

So there are is my Thursday Seven! Hope you enjoyed!

Stay tuned for next weeks Seven ways to…topic; and if you want to see a topic covered (it can be about anything) comment below and I will make sure it gets added to the list!

Happy Thursday!

-Yesenia Whipple

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