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My Active Wear Obsession…

So it’s been a second since I posted anything about fashion. Like since 2016?! What?! O.k. Since I’ve been a total freak on the fitness journey lately I had to post about some known and some unknown active wear brands. I have become a little obsessed lately with active wear. To the point my husband shakes his head every time a package arrives with my name on it (oops …insert hands over face).

I follow what seems like an abnormal amount of fitness bloggers/Instagramers (Is that even a word?) and they are all based out of either United Kingdom or Australia. I don’t quite understand why this has organically transpired, but, from this has come my discovery of some pretty awesome active wear brands mostly outside the U.S. We are all familiar with the staple brands we are used to in #merica like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Old Navy, Gap, H&M Fabletics etc…

Here are are some of the brands I am literally obsessing over but would probably never wear them to actually work out because…well they are too pretty to sweat in, ha!

While the price tags on many of these are $$$$ vs. $$ these brands are making active wear chic every day wear. Now if I could just get those abs to come with I would be completely fulfilled in the wardrobe/ab department!

What are your go to active wear brands? (and Target is a totally acceptable answer here, no judgement…since I own many a target pair(s) of clothing).



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