My Weekly Cleaning Schedule

With the current state of affairs and staying home all day errday the house was becoming somewhat of an endless mess. Being that we typically have a cleaning lady (which I am forever grateful to my husband for understanding the need a mom has for such a luxury) I have had to begin cleaning in order to keep others out of the house (a.k.a our beloved cleaning crew). Also, to keep it real with you all a way to decompress and be alone in my thoughts. Oh and there is also the wreck of an economy we are now experiencing so every penny we can save will only help us in the long run.

Cleaning has become a time for me to zone in on something other than the virus that has us all out of sorts with worry. I used to be and prefer to be a one day clean and get it out of the way kind of gal, however, the kids and the husband are home 24/7 and it would literally not happen in one day with homeschooling, that #momlife, cooking, etc… So I created a weekly cleaning schedule. This may not be your cup of tea but it has really been a lifesaver for me on the cleaning front so I wanted to share in case it might help someone else out there.

This is my second week following this schedule and I can tell you it has really made a difference on the daily; it has also kept me from feeling overwhelmed with the endless list of cleaning duties. If you would like this in a pdf let me know I will be happy to send your way!

-Yesenia Whipple

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