The Thursday Seven… 7 Ways To A Healthy Dinner Out

I cannot believe The Thursday Seven is upon us already! This week I took a topic I could literally write a book on. I think I might have had 20 ways to keep it healthy before stopping myself (I could have gone on) and shrinking my list down to seven! No matter where you are in… Continue reading The Thursday Seven… 7 Ways To A Healthy Dinner Out

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Losing Sight of Comfort Zone

Image credit: Night Humor Do you often wonder the difference between the doers vs. the dreamers, the go getters vs. the I wish I had’s? I believe one of the biggest thing that sets these groups apart is their ability to get outside of their comfort zones to achieve what many feel is the unreachable.… Continue reading Losing Sight of Comfort Zone

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Summer Bodies Earned Through Winter

Well I just love this to pieces. I used to live in the coldest place on earth. O.k. well I’m clearly exaggerating. New Hampshire is cold but it’s no Alaska. Anyhow, I always remember the fall bringing in that fabulous crisp cool air. The smell of all things fall, bonfires and fireplaces, apple cider, apple… Continue reading Summer Bodies Earned Through Winter

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From large to in charge!

I was scared, anxious, and scared. Did I mention scared? To post the dreaded ‘before and after’ pictures’. But it’s part of my journey to becoming the healthiest version of me. So here goes! Before picture is clearly a very pregnant me. I have been eating clean, drinking my Shakeo, and working hard with the… Continue reading From large to in charge!

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Pregnancy Workout Routine

When I found out I was expecting in April of 2013 I was shocked. While certainly not planned my husband and I were thrilled to be adding another bundle of joy to our growing family. I had just gotten my body back into tip top shape after having had our first child 11 months prior.… Continue reading Pregnancy Workout Routine

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Creamy nail colors for Spring/Summer 2013

  With Spring right around the corner it’s time to put those dark nail color hues away and break into your spring/summer stash. The trend for 2013 looks to be creamy tones. A familiar trend from last year. If you need a pop of color hot pinks and corals are always a classic staple.  Another… Continue reading Creamy nail colors for Spring/Summer 2013