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Losing Sight of Comfort Zone

lose sight of shore

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Do you often wonder the difference between the doers vs. the dreamers, the go getters vs. the I wish I had’s? I believe one of the biggest thing that sets these groups apart is their ability to get outside of their comfort zones to achieve what many feel is the unreachable.

What a powerful saying ‘You never can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore’. The Ocean can be a scary, lonely, massive; just like our hopes and dreams or the road we need to get moving on to achieve ‘our unreachable’.

So how can we start learning to step outside that comfort zone? For some this comes as second nature. For others it requires some work. For many it really can be the scariest thing they have ever tried to do. The point here is it is not impossible and anyone can do it if you step outside what is comfortable and safe.

For the second nature group – These guys really don’t need much in the way of advice. They have a vision and they do whatever it takes to get it done, with little to no fear. They don’t let rejection get them down but rather let rejection fuel their hunger. These guys have vision, they are organized, and they know how to stay focused keeping the ‘noise’ out of their head.

For those who have to work at it a bit – This is where the majority of people fall. They have the passion and desire, but often times, fear gets in the way. The good news for this group is that once they take that initial step outside their comfort zone, it becomes easier and easier. Many people in this category learn to overcome fear and rejection and end up moving up a tier into the ‘second nature’ group. Focus comes with some work. They know how to organize their tasks and re-prioritize when they lose focus.

The ‘I’m scared sh*tless to step outside what is safe’ group – If this is you don’t feel there is no hope for you. You just have to work a bit harder, focus, make a plan, have a vision and really stay organize to stay on track with your successes. You will step outside your comfort zone and quickly jump back to your safety net, however, your confidence will build over time and you will also learn to jump into that fear zone and stay there until it becomes a little less terrifying. The best advice I can give this group is to find a successful mentor and surround yourself with like-minded people.

The take away is that ANYONE has the ability to succeed and stepping out of your comfort zone is possible. For some easier for some harder, but success will come to those who commit to their vision no matter how scary it may be.

-Yesenia Whiple

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Summer Bodies Earned Through Winter

summer bodies earned in winter

Well I just love this to pieces. I used to live in the coldest place on earth. O.k. well I’m clearly exaggerating. New Hampshire is cold but it’s no Alaska. Anyhow, I always remember the fall bringing in that fabulous crisp cool air. The smell of all things fall, bonfires and fireplaces, apple cider, apple pie, any kind of pie really (I LOVE pie), pumpkins, etc… Fall also meant bringing out the comfy sweaters, boots, and scarves; and then came the holidays. I didn’t stand a chance in hell not bringing out the larger pair of skinnies for the remainder of the winter. o.k. I won’t lie sometimes those got a little snug too. It was cold up there; I needed that extra bowl of lobster bisque what can I say!

When I entered the month of panic. See we typically planned a yearly trip to Florida between February and March. I was clearly aware of this yearly trip throughout the fall and holidays but I still waited until that month or 2 weeks prior to our yearly trip to think about getting myself back in shape. Let’s just say I never felt comfortable in that bikini during our Florida trips. I felt self conscious and we were on vacation so trying to “eat” healthy or be conscious of working out was like torture during vacation. I say this and share this story for obvious reasons. If I would have indulged in moderation and continued a good workout routine I would never have had to ‘binge diet and exercise’ starting January 1.

It’s not until I actually moved to Florida that I made my fitness and health a lifestyle not a ‘season’ during the year. It’s when I did this that my body transformed and I became a fit person year round. Granted I was very pregnant for 1/2 of last year; but I was able to bounce back by keeping that lifestyle throughout the pregnancy, fall, winter, etc… I’m not saying you can’t enjoy life, live, have a slice of pie for goodness sakes. Just be conscious of what you are consistently putting in your body and what you are consistently doing to get exercise in.

For those of you living in the arctic cold that is anywhere North of Georgia I encourage you to get out there and stay fit. Join an indoor cycling class, go snow shoeing, or if you really don’t want to brave the cold and are like me and looking for a quick 30 minute workout to do at home well I can recommend a few programs for you 🙂 hint hint they changed my body, health, and life! hint hint – 21 day fix and PiYo

What are your go to fitness programs during the winter?

-Yesenia Whipple

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From large to in charge!

I was scared, anxious, and scared. Did I mention scared? To post the dreaded ‘before and after’ pictures’. But it’s part of my journey to becoming the healthiest version of me. So here goes! Before picture is clearly a very pregnant me.

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I have been eating clean, drinking my Shakeo, and working hard with the help of Insanity and P90X3. 6 months later here I am:

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It may seem like today, right now, your journey is long, hard, and nearly impossible; but I am here to tell you it is not and you can do it! I still have a little ways to go before I am where I want to be, but I could not be any happier with how far I have come. I want to help you achieve the same!


-Yesenia Whipple

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Pregnancy Workout Routine

When I found out I was expecting in April of 2013 I was shocked. While certainly not planned my husband and I were thrilled to be adding another bundle of joy to our growing family. I had just gotten my body back into tip top shape after having had our first child 11 months prior. I wanted to make sure I kept my body in the best shape possible for the new impending pregnancy and labor. So I started researching different workouts out that would be safe.  I wanted to continue my healthy workout routine in the safest way possible. Before I get started I do want to make sure and emphasize the importance of talking to your healthcare professional prior to starting any workout routine. ESPECIALLY if you have had any issues prior or during pregnancy that could put you at high risk for injury.

In my search for the perfect pregnancy workout routine I researched DVD programs, personal trainers, and a variety of classes to fuse together. These are my findings.
If you are looking for a home-based DVD program I recommend:

  • Expecting More – Sara Haley’s Daily Sweat Pregnancy Program (Amazon.com) – I purchased this DVD and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of workouts available. There is also a trimester by trimester schedule you can follow. The workout program includes 2 DVD’s with different workouts ranging from dance, strength, core work, and sports drills sets. The great thing about this is options! You will not get bored, you can make it as hard or as easy as needed per your fitness level, and the price is very reasonable at just $39.95 on Amazon.

  • Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project (Amazon.com) – I will admit I have not purchased this DVD set, however, when researching I found many consumers giving this 4-5 stars. This program comes with 9 DVDs. You get a new workout for each month you are pregnant. There is also a follow up post workout DVD set available called The Tracy Anderson Method which appeals to many expectant mothers looking to stay fit during pregnancy as well as bounce back into shape post pregnancy.

If you are more of a gym buff looking to get out of the house and combine both cardio and strength training you can look into hiring a personal trainer. There are many personal trainers who focus on just expectant mothers. I looked into personal trainers and was disappointed, however. I didn’t find they worked me at my optimal level of fitness and for the money I felt I could come up with my own cardio and strength training routine. Which I did and will share with you shortly. Being that I am studying to obtain my personal training certificate and that I have been committed to a life of fitness since I was a kid (Yes, my idea of fun when I was about 13 was putting on a leotard, leg warmers, and jamming to a Jane Fonda workout DVD in my living room), I felt I could obtain optimal fitness by combining strength and cardio 5 days/week. Now I know that sounds ambitious, however, 3 of those days are cardio and I combine a few different types of cardio so as to not get bored. I even count cleaning as a workout on one of my cardio days. So you can get creative. You can swim, walk, run (if you have been cleared to do so), spin, dance, etc… Some days I take it easier than others depending on how I am feeling. I ALWAYS listen to my body and pay attention to form when strength training. Here is a workout program I created for myself.

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Cardio 30-45

Wednesday – Strength (Back, Arms)

  • Warm up 10 min. on treadmill
  • Upper/Middle Back
    • Lat Pulldown – 3 sets of 10
    • Seated Cable row – 3 sets of 10
    • Biceps Curls – 3 sets of 10
    • Triceps – 3 sets of 10

Thursday – Cardio 30-45 minutes

Friday – Strength (Chest, lower body)

  • warm up 10 min. on treadmill
  • Chest
    • Seated Chest Press – 3 sets of 10
    • Lower body
      • Leg Extension – 3 sets of 10
      • Seated Leg Curl – 3 sets of 10
      • Inner/outer thigh machine – 3 sets of 10 on each

Saturday – Cardio 30-45 minutes

Sunday – Off

If you are more of a group class kind of gal then by all means continue to go to your group classes. I have seen pregnant women coming out of spinning classes at the gym. Yoga is an amazing workout you can do in a class setting; just be mindful not to over extend/rotate/twist, or continue with inversion poses past your 1st trimester. Another amazing workout which also happens to be extremely fun is Zumba or hip hop classes. These classes are offered all over the place. You can find gyms or stand alone studios offering these classes.

So there you have it. No excuses to get your behind moving and carry out a healthy and fit pregnancy. As mentioned previously always consult your Dr. prior to starting any exercise regimen and listen to your body! Happy sweating!

-Yesenia Whipple

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Creamy nail colors for Spring/Summer 2013



With Spring right around the corner it’s time to put those dark nail color hues away and break into your spring/summer stash. The trend for 2013 looks to be creamy tones. A familiar trend from last year. If you need a pop of color hot pinks and corals are always a classic staple. 

Another hot trend right now combines pastels and metalic shades into one. Check out Essie’s new line of colors: http://www.beauty.com/essie-whats-new/qxc302801 



Spring is in the air!

Yesenia Whipple