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Thursday Seven… 7 Low Calorie Cocktails

With summer approaching so do the sugary refreshing cold cocktails. Check out these mouth-watering low-calorie cocktails inspired by Shannon Rosenberg on Buzzfeed.   Watermelon Mojito A refreshing cocktail with a mix of watermelon, rum, club soda, and mint. Ingredients. Click for recipe. 2. Paloma A mouth-watering blend of grapefruit, lime, and tequila. Swapping… Continue reading Thursday Seven… 7 Low Calorie Cocktails


9 Guiltless Clean Desserts

Check out these 9 clean desserts posted by Oxygen Magazine. They look amazing! For the recipes you can click here: Oxygen Magazine 9 Clean Desserts or the link provided below each image. Mini Chocolate Souffles Mocha Banana “Ice Cream” Mocha Pudding Brown Rice Pudding Ginger Apple Crisp Sinfully Clean Chocolate Brownie Clean Apple Pie with Gluten-Free Crust… Continue reading 9 Guiltless Clean Desserts