My Go To Fitness Tools


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1. Nutrition and Exercise – number one is by far my diet and nutrition coupled with a healthy exercise regimen. Nutrition is 80% of the reason I am fit today; 20% is the exercise. So what do I do to stay healthy and fit? I drink a nutrient dense shake everyday, balance my foods with the right balance of protein, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, and starches; as well as maintain a constant exercise routine. Sometimes I do PiYO, sometimes I follow the 21 day fix, sometimes I just take the family with me on a long walk and clean the house; the key is staying active and making sure you get at least 30 minutes of heart pumping activity into your day.


2. Fitbit – Oh my Fitbit is like gold to me. I have owned the Zip, the One and now the Fitbit flex. I have to say my favorite is definitely the Flex. I like the convenience of not having to take it off unless to charge. It’s even waterproof! I just wrote a great post on Fitbit Flex accessories to add some chicness to your flex band so check it out 🙂 Fitbit is great because it tracks your steps throughout the day, activity, and sleep. It tells you how many calories to eat based on your given activity. So you really get amazing accuracy on how many calories in vs. out. My favorite aspect is that it syncs with Myfitness Pal. They talk to each other to calculate food, exercise, etc. You only have to log food and exercise in Myfitness Pal and it will automatically sync to the Fitbit database.


3. Myfitness Pal – is an amazing tool which I have also written all about in the past. It allows you to set goals with regards to gaining. maintaining, losing weight and it tells you how many calories you need to accomplish that goal. It also tracks the nutrients in the foods you are eating to let you know if you are above the percentage for carbohydrates or fats for example on a given day.


4. Polar Heart Monitor – I am a huge advocate of wearing a heart rate monitor when doing cardio. It really will give you the most accurate number of calories burned based on how hard you work that day. You also can track your heart rate throughout your workout as well as calories burning to determine if you need to step it up or slow it down. I log my calories into Myfitness Pal and am able to see how many additional calories are in my ‘bank’. I recommend getting one with a chest strap; you will get the best results that way.

These pretty much sum up the tools I use daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and active. What are your go to fitness tips and tricks?

-Yesenia Whipple

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Summer Bodies Earned Through Winter

summer bodies earned in winter

Well I just love this to pieces. I used to live in the coldest place on earth. O.k. well I’m clearly exaggerating. New Hampshire is cold but it’s no Alaska. Anyhow, I always remember the fall bringing in that fabulous crisp cool air. The smell of all things fall, bonfires and fireplaces, apple cider, apple pie, any kind of pie really (I LOVE pie), pumpkins, etc… Fall also meant bringing out the comfy sweaters, boots, and scarves; and then came the holidays. I didn’t stand a chance in hell not bringing out the larger pair of skinnies for the remainder of the winter. o.k. I won’t lie sometimes those got a little snug too. It was cold up there; I needed that extra bowl of lobster bisque what can I say!

When I entered the month of panic. See we typically planned a yearly trip to Florida between February and March. I was clearly aware of this yearly trip throughout the fall and holidays but I still waited until that month or 2 weeks prior to our yearly trip to think about getting myself back in shape. Let’s just say I never felt comfortable in that bikini during our Florida trips. I felt self conscious and we were on vacation so trying to “eat” healthy or be conscious of working out was like torture during vacation. I say this and share this story for obvious reasons. If I would have indulged in moderation and continued a good workout routine I would never have had to ‘binge diet and exercise’ starting January 1.

It’s not until I actually moved to Florida that I made my fitness and health a lifestyle not a ‘season’ during the year. It’s when I did this that my body transformed and I became a fit person year round. Granted I was very pregnant for 1/2 of last year; but I was able to bounce back by keeping that lifestyle throughout the pregnancy, fall, winter, etc… I’m not saying you can’t enjoy life, live, have a slice of pie for goodness sakes. Just be conscious of what you are consistently putting in your body and what you are consistently doing to get exercise in.

For those of you living in the arctic cold that is anywhere North of Georgia I encourage you to get out there and stay fit. Join an indoor cycling class, go snow shoeing, or if you really don’t want to brave the cold and are like me and looking for a quick 30 minute workout to do at home well I can recommend a few programs for you 🙂 hint hint they changed my body, health, and life! hint hint – 21 day fix and PiYo

What are your go to fitness programs during the winter?

-Yesenia Whipple


5 Tips to Staying fit and Active this Fall/Winter


Staying fit and active as the temperatures start to dip can be a challenge. Here are some quick tips to help keep you moving.

  1. Wear clothes that are fitted under all those layers. This will keep you on track as you will still be showing those killer curves once the layers of scarves, jackets, and over-sized sweaters peel off. Show your hard work from summer off through the winter months!
  2. Find new outdoor routines to keep you moving and active. Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and even ice skating are great and fun ways to stay active in the winter months while indulging your lungs with some fresh air. Pack some warm apple cider or hot chocolate for a treat mid-point and trudge on.
  3. If you love to run outdoors, keep on running! Sign up for a 5k or 10k this fall and winter. Just put on some extra layers and invest in some winter running gear and you are on your way!
  4. Plan a midwinter vacation and set goals for yourself on where you want to be with your fitness goals.
  5. If you are tight on funds this year host a fun beach themed party indoors, turn up the heat, and make your venue fit for summer in winter. After all there is such thing as Christmas in July right? Why not have a summer in the winter event!

If you currently want to start a workout routine; then this is the perfect time! Your body doesn’t need to be on display and you will have the entire fall/winter season to get your routine polished and your body looking and feeling amazing!

So what’s holding you back? Trust me your body and mind will thank you in the spring when you find yourself in tip top shape for the warm spring and summer months. Maintenance is key!

-Yesenia Whipple