My Go To Fitness Tools


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1. Nutrition and Exercise – number one is by far my diet and nutrition coupled with a healthy exercise regimen. Nutrition is 80% of the reason I am fit today; 20% is the exercise. So what do I do to stay healthy and fit? I drink a nutrient dense shake everyday, balance my foods with the right balance of protein, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, and starches; as well as maintain a constant exercise routine. Sometimes I do PiYO, sometimes I follow the 21 day fix, sometimes I just take the family with me on a long walk and clean the house; the key is staying active and making sure you get at least 30 minutes of heart pumping activity into your day.


2. Fitbit – Oh my Fitbit is like gold to me. I have owned the Zip, the One and now the Fitbit flex. I have to say my favorite is definitely the Flex. I like the convenience of not having to take it off unless to charge. It’s even waterproof! I just wrote a great post on Fitbit Flex accessories to add some chicness to your flex band so check it out 🙂 Fitbit is great because it tracks your steps throughout the day, activity, and sleep. It tells you how many calories to eat based on your given activity. So you really get amazing accuracy on how many calories in vs. out. My favorite aspect is that it syncs with Myfitness Pal. They talk to each other to calculate food, exercise, etc. You only have to log food and exercise in Myfitness Pal and it will automatically sync to the Fitbit database.


3. Myfitness Pal – is an amazing tool which I have also written all about in the past. It allows you to set goals with regards to gaining. maintaining, losing weight and it tells you how many calories you need to accomplish that goal. It also tracks the nutrients in the foods you are eating to let you know if you are above the percentage for carbohydrates or fats for example on a given day.


4. Polar Heart Monitor – I am a huge advocate of wearing a heart rate monitor when doing cardio. It really will give you the most accurate number of calories burned based on how hard you work that day. You also can track your heart rate throughout your workout as well as calories burning to determine if you need to step it up or slow it down. I log my calories into Myfitness Pal and am able to see how many additional calories are in my ‘bank’. I recommend getting one with a chest strap; you will get the best results that way.

These pretty much sum up the tools I use daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and active. What are your go to fitness tips and tricks?

-Yesenia Whipple

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My Favorite Fitbit Flex Accessory finds


I am a Fitbit fanatic for so many reasons. I could write an entire post on why I love Fitbit, how it has helped me, and how to use it effectively syncing it with apps like Myfitness Pal. However this post is about finding the best accessories FOR my fitbit! 🙂 The standard band is not horrific and can be found at many retail outlets and online retailers, however, there is not too much that is chic, elegant, or dressy with regards to the standard flex bands. For us ladies who want to wear our flex bands all the time (after all isn’t that the point?) here are some band accessories that allow you to wear your fitbit flex when you are out on the town or just a gal who likes to dress it up on the norm.


Tory Burch has come out with Fitbit flex accessories as of recently. I love the design and the option to go casual or super chic. However, the price is eeeeek. ouch! These accessories start reasonably at $38 but will run you upwards of $195.


FUNKtionalWearables offers very cute chunky style fitbit flex bands. These average at $36.99.


MantovaniDesigns I cannot get enough of this pendant fitbit flex accessory. In love! for those of you looking for a necklace option and under $45 this is perfect! They also offer a more bohemian style band (pictured below) with detailed beading which is also just gorgeous.


There are many options out there to accessorize your flex. I had no idea until I actually started researching more affordable options that were not so sporty looking. What do you prefer? Sporty, Chic, or both depending on your mood?

-Yesenia Whipple