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Finding My Inner Peace

Feb. challenge group

My ‘journey’ has been evolving over the last year. I started with wanting to physically get in the best shape of my life. I achieved that with hard work and dedication. Challenge groups were key to my success.

This year my goal is to work on my inner self. Finding peace, happiness, letting go of unnecessary stresses that will make me a better person, wife, mother, friend. Continuing a journey of health and fitness is a key part of this. What I want to contribute to your journey is not only physical support, but also being vulnerable within my own self in hopes to help you find happiness, peace, and wellness.

If any of this even slightly tugs at you; message me to start on this journey as like-minded individuals looking to better ourselves and each other.

-Yesenia Whipple


Happiness is…

Happiness is

‘Realise that it all comes back to happiness. Do what makes you happy.’ – Antoniette Gomez

I am currently on a self discovery journey. I didn’t know this until about 3 weeks ago? I think I have been on this journey for a while and just realized it one day. One afternoon I was thinking about the last couple of months, my actions, intentions, outlook, and I discovered my mindset had shifted tremendously. I was feeling lost and having what I believe was an identity crisis after realizing I had left a lucrative career to start a family and now 2 kids and 3 years later I didn’t know who I was anymore, I had changed but didn’t know who I had changed into it. I was introduced to an amazing company that literally has changed my life physically and mentally. That is when I started seeing a shift in my outlook on everything. I was excited about life, about the future, about my contribution outside of poopy diapers, laundry, and keeping the kids alive long enough to hand them over when my awesome and patient husband came home from work every day 🙂

“Realise that it all comes back to happiness. Do what makes you happy.” – Antoniette Gomez

I saw this quote and thought WOW … I am doing what makes me happy right now and it has absolutely changed everything. I find the happier and more positive I am outwardly the more I end up feeling that same happiness and positivity within myself. I am a happier me.

I encourage anyone to find what it is that makes them happy, do it, and share it with everyone you know. Don’t wait; life is too short!

-Yesenia Whipple