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Adjusting Your Sails



Because who wants smooth sailing all the time? Those rough waters test your drive, passion, and desire to get to your destination. Sure, they are tough times, but without those hardships growth would be slow or non-existant. Don’t settle for ease, but rather challenge yourself to preserver when you encounter those storms.

Happy Tuesday Friends.

-Yesenia Whipple


Live Every Day With Intention

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Every day is a chance to start fresh. Layout your long term and short term goals and read over them every day. Plan your day out with intentions surrounding your goals. If you focus on them every single day you will one day wake up and say I chased those dreams and I caught them.

Just a little afternoon motivation from yours truly.

-Yesenia Whipple


Creating Your Future

Create future

We’ve all heard the following “if only…” statements right? Or the “well one day maybe…” in fact most of us at some point have actually said something along those lines. Yes I am guilty myself. Then you come across people who like Abraham Lincoln create their future. They do not wish on things, protest they don’t have the resources or money to reach their goals, etc… I can say I am actually married to such a person who is a ‘creator’ of his future. Nothing can stand in his way when he wants something. I believe this is because he uses his passion to drive him to succeed. Sure he has bad days, don’t we all? He’s certainly not perfect. However, when it comes to his future he is creating it little by little, step by step, reaching every single goal he has along the way. It’s not always easy; it is still work but if you want it bad enough you will do whatever you have to do to succeed.

I talk about setting goals all the time. It is probably the BEST way to stay on track with what you want to accomplish whether that be 1 year down the road or 10 years. Goals Goals Goals; they will keep you motivated, hungry for more, and accountable to yourself.

So happy Thursday friends; make it a great one!

-Yesenia Whipple


Most wonderful time or craziest time of the year?


How about both?! I love Christmas. I love the festive music, decorations, excitement leading up to Christmas eve and day, and the chaos of family and kids running around the house. If you are like me and work from home then you understand this time of year can also become extremely hectic and if not careful rattle some negative nerves in all of us. So here are a few ways to ease the stress of it and focus on the important stuff that matters the most.

  • Get organized. This might mean one to do list to knock out for some OR a master list with 20 additional color coded lists from Thanksgiving to New Years. Whatever works right?
  • Set a budget for everything from cooking for family, gifts, stockings, and decorations.
  • Get the essentials started early. We have a TON of birthdays in November and Christmas. Shop those birthdays online or early like in August or September and start thinking stocking stuffers. Every time you hit the store grab an item or two for stockings.
  • Make a list of everyone you need to buy for and spread everyone out by week or even month if you start early enough. Don’t wait until the last-minute or you might go crazy. I know it is not easy, but try to wrap as many gifts as you can as you purchase them.
  • Delegate. Ask and accept help any way you can. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, decorating. We are only human; don’t try to be a hero; it’s o.k. to ask, demand (o.k. a little harsh I know), and accept that help.

Are you seeing a theme hear revolving around lists and organizing your days? 🙂

Enjoy yourself. The days are long the years are short; a reminder as the year comes to an end. Remember what is important. This may be different for every family, so whatever the season brings you relish and enjoy every second of it. Moments come and go, but memories from those moments in time last a lifetime.

-Yesenia Whipple