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My Active Wear Obsession…

So it’s been a second since I posted anything about fashion. Like since 2016?! What?! O.k. Since I’ve been a total freak on the fitness journey lately I had to post about some known and some unknown active wear brands. I have become a little obsessed lately with active wear. To the point my husband… Continue reading My Active Wear Obsession…


Why does PiYO work so well!

I’ve been practicing PiYO which is a fitness program which incorporates a little Pilates and a little Yoga; a fusion of the two. So why does this work so well? As mentioned above you are using Pilates to sculpt your muscles, Yoga to increase flexibility, and nonstop movement to keep your heart rate up and… Continue reading Why does PiYO work so well!


Finding your inner Yogi

With so many different types of Yoga practices out there today; it may be a little intimidating to figure out where your inner yogi can thrive. Yoga originated over 600 years ago in India. It started out with a series of poses which in yoga terms is called hatha. Now there are hundreds of different… Continue reading Finding your inner Yogi